woman arousal

Do you know what the biggest complains of women is? Men spend very little or no time at some of the most explorable parts of their bodies.

Well it is definitely a shame for the men, since there’re so many other arousal areas you can contact, lick and tickle to boost both her and your pleasure on the bed. If you have few minutes, please read this post to find out those sensual places that most men generally overlook or don’t give much attention to.

That Face:

When your woman’s brain shuts down for orgasm, try to stimulate her by holding her head within your lap and rubbing the spot above her eyebrows with the help of your thumbs. People carry a lot of tension in the face, and this helps them release and become more receptive to arousal.  Look for her lips to part. When a person is aroused, he or she will relax the muscles that keep the jaw shut.

Those Ears:

These are portals to two forms of arousal: physical and mental. Touch or massage the rim of her ear between your thumb and forefinger while cradling the back of her head with your fingers. As she responds, graze the ridge of her outer ear with the tip of your nose.  Just hearing you breathe will turn her on.

That Neck:

Brush your lips between her throat and chin. The skin is thinner where the body flexes. The nerves and blood vessels are closer to the surface—that’s why it’s also a perfume point. You’ll engage sensory receptors and trigger an emotional response.  It feels very intimate to let a person that close.

Those Lips:

Kissing is your entrance exam for the rest of her body.  It tells her that you understand how to be subtle, no matter where you are on her body. Softly lick her upper lip or tug it gently between your lips. Deep red lips indicate arousal.

Those Breasts:

Pay respects to the nerve-rich erogenous tissue at the top and underside of the breast before touching the nipple. The nipple (which, like the clitoris, feeds into orgasm-inducing neurons in the brain) contains receptors called Meissner’s corpuscles, cells that adjust to varied stimuli, like the friction of a shirt or the moisture of a tongue. The longer you tease around the nipple, the more intense direct stimulation will be.

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