How to Approach A Girl

Ever wondered what it really requires to grab the attention of women? The days are gone when cheesy come-ons & buying drinks ruled the scene. Though good look is a plus, you should have more qualities to grab the opposite gender’s attraction, namely good manner, great personality and a great sense of humor.

Here I have mentioned a few ways you can approach a lady and occupy in exciting chat without the fear of getting rejected.

Give her stimulating glances:

Also, popularly known as an “eye smile”, a stimulating look is much more than merely a typical grin in that you also get the chance to converse your thoughts nonverbally. Be cautious of it though – an excessively intense look can even backfire.

Shower her with genuine compliments:

The approach here should be to not make any clear observations (the old, “that pink sweater fits great on you” line is getting predictable). If she is truly attractive, possibilities are she has heard all the old compliments. So rather, catch her off guard and state something nice regarding her shoulders. You can even talk about her outfit without sounding too effeminate.

Remember every detail of her:

Take a note of everything she is putting on, from her shoes to her earnings, and everything in between. This’ll prove to be very rewarding especially as your relationship develops. She will be so touched that you really remembered each little detail of her and she is bound to feel special.

Give her time to breathe:

If she looks hesitant to give her number, don’t force things. She may wish to take things unhurried, or mayn’t even be keen. A rule of thumb of approaching a woman involves hiving her some breathing space, so do not hang out with her the entire night either.

Throw some original jokes:

Having 4 or 5 real jokes ready on hand that are harmless & can be appreciated universally, like making fun of the in-laws. Throwing a few sensible jokes will give her a comfort zone and possibilities are you will develop a bonding more quickly.

Make feel her she is the one and only:

Give the girl the feeling that she is one of a kind and really exceptional, and you will definitely get her positive attention every time you praise her. To seal the deal, don’t be distracted with other girls around you.

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