During this pandemic situation, the Manchester City defender Kylie Walker is on news for his irresponsible behavior of hosting a party at his home. Everyone is shocked due to this insensitive behavior of this footballer.

An investigation is already opened for this “disappointing” incident which was happened last week. As per sources, Walker and his friend hired local escorts and paid £2,200. They hired 4 escorts so to entertain a gathering of 10-12 people and they all were closest friends of Walker. These Elite Manchester escorts were taken to Walker’s house on last Monday night and were see leaving the house on Tuesday morning.

Walker quoted: “I know what I have done during this lockdown period, so I want to take this opportunity for making a public apology for what I did last week. I completely understand and have a sense of what went wrong which should not have been done by me as a professional footballer and a role model for many. Hence, I really want to say “SORRY” to my friends, family & football supporters.”

Responding to the incident his football club said: “We have been keeping an eye on the news since it came out in public. We condemn this act of irresponsibility and negligence which caused a lot of lives at risk.

We know as a responsible football club and its member we are global role models and a lot of people get inspired from what we do. Moreover, we are putting in tremendous efforts to support the initiatives of government to fight this pandemic situation. Walker’s last week action has certainly impacted and violated the government efforts.”

A lot of buzz is going around in media and lot of people criticizing this act. At this point of time when entire humanity is fighting against this common enemy COVID-19, how can a person do some insensitive thing. From last couple of days, this news has been hitting hard in the local newspapers of Manchester.

Manchester is known for the services of escorts and a lot of people enjoy it. The hot and sensual girls of this city are always ready to attract their clients. On the other hand, everyone is thinking how can escorts even agreed to visit the home of this footballer. Do they not aware of the current situation is the question coming to everyone’s mind.

However, in a recent tweet it seemed that Kyler realized his wrong-doing as he tweeted: “Please stay at home and do not commit any stupid mistake as I did. I was tempted and got excited. But now I understand the gravity of the situation and urge all of you to look after one another in this difficult time.” For all types of stunning Makerfield escorts you only have to call the agency and book it now because its offers services all over North West.

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