Want to know how to make your ex jealous? If yes, then you have landed on the right page! Here in this post, I will guide you how to make your ex jealous in 4 steps.

Stop talking with your ex:

It mayn’t make your ex envious right away, but when you stop talking with him or her, it will make your ex speculate what the heck you have been up to. Stop talking with your ex is also vital since it can make him or her miss you and eventually assist you get back him or her. No matter whatever the circumstance is, stop talking to your ex and it will make him or her jealous right away.

Use Facebook or any other social media sites to your benefit:

You really can exploit Facebook and other social media sites to make your ex jealous. For example, you could simply put on your camera and go for a night of fun and take photos of yourself with some really eye-catching people and submit them on Facebook. Tag yourself to your friends and let the comments flooding in.

You can even invite some opposite genders to post your wall. The better looking your friends, the greater your possibilities of catching your ex’s attention. The point here is to let your ex know that some really good looking people after you.

Date other people:

Don’t just text your ex randomly and say, “Hey! I am dating handsome chaff right now. They are really sexy.” Trust me, this won’t work as it will leave you look like that you are trying way too hard to get back your ex. Rather, make it a bit subtle. Ask one of your mutual friends for coffee and tell them regarding your new date. Believe me – if you can play your cards right, your ex will find it out and the jealousy on his or her face is really enjoyable.

Get your ex boy friend or girl friend to see you in public:

Attend all the outings, parties and events that your mutual buddies are offering. Even you are not in the mood of socializing, bite the bullet, go out and have some great fun. By doing so you will be accomplishing 2 things: have fun and at the same time make your ex horribly jealous.

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